I found him in a bar

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
I found him in a bar

I like to have a good time, go to the movies, go to the /party/">party, anywhere, I have had to many boyfriend all of them light skin Spanish and Caucasian, with the last one I broke up because he is jealously and I dont like people like that, he is a problem man, but on second thought I want to try another race maybe coloured person, an Afro American, someone told me about that kind of man most men have a /cock/big-cock/">big cock, so I want to feel whats the matter. I am a Spanish hot man, I am ready to everything I dont care what some people think I am going to enjoy myself.

Last Saturday I was in the Atlantis bar in Jackson Heights.  I went to spend some time, I broke up a week ago with my boyfriend, he is a Spanish light skin, he is very jealous, in the bar an African American man was alone, he was bald and the /athletic/">athletic body, I introduce him by myself, I sat at his table, and started talking about many things,  but I liked him , something attracted me, because I have never been with a black man in my life, it suddenly came to me this could be my opportunity to get a black man, so I live alone and I have my own apartment nearly this bar. then I introduce myself and became friends, we start talking about many things, about intimacy thing, sex life, he told me he was married years ago but they broke up by mutual incompatibility,  then he became homosexual from that, he started to frequent the gay bar, he told me he doesnt have any girlfriend at this moment , then I ask him a girlfriend ?

and he told me that in a sexual relations he is the man, then I told him I agree with that , I feeling happy for that, I told him in a sexual relation I only make a women role, I shave my ass, everything in my body, like a baby, I have a good bottoms, and my /asshole/">asshole is wide, I am fucking for more than fifteen years, only receiving many cocks, many sizes from 4 " to 7", but I enjoy doing that so We started in confidence, I began to touch his legs and give kisses, I was hot, I asked him if he wanted to go to my apartment in Wood side Ave, he told me yes not problem, and and we went to my apartment, when we got there we come in, in my apartment we drunk another nip, I told him I was going to take a bath, I said him, I was waiting for you in the room, he was also taking a bath, when he finish to take the bath, he went to my room.

He was only in small underwear green color, he start putting a smooth music ,  and start to model for me, he want to look your body, while his /cock/nice-cock/">nice cock became hard and his nipples was erect, while I to be in bed watching him, we do it something masochism , as smacking my bottoms with a sandal, he tie me up in the bed while he smacking my bottoms, we last about 30 minutes in that action, then he sat in a chair then I went in my knees toward him and he take out his cock and told me suck my dick and he got out his cock from my mouth and hit me in my face with his very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock then we go to bed, in bed we started kissing, he started to suck my nipples, kissing my belly, and my bottom and my asshole too, and then I began to suck his nipples, while I groped his hard cock, then I took away his little underwear, and I saw his rich black cock, it was a little bent, a little /fat/">fat, small head, and about 6 inches, I started sucking his cock and his balls, I am a big sucker, it was the /first-time/">first time that I was with a black man, I was sucking for long time, he grope his nipples while I was sucking, I used a lot my tongue sexxxx video ful hd from the trunk to the dick head while I sucking his dick he open my bottoms and smacking on at the moment he was telling me dirty word and asked me if I liked his cock and he told that he has at lot of milk for me, hot milk I last long time sucking.

I spited his cock too , then he start to suck my ass while he was using his tongue he smack and open my bottoms, I was enjoying at lot he liked to suck my ass and he used his index finger too I feeling a great sensation it was indescribable at the same time pleasant at the moment he was sucking my bottoms some time his cock became a little soft only for a while then I lie face up in frog position he put me in to many positions I like to do it all thing he wanted we are get turned on I understanding that the someone told me about black man I want to enjoy all night it doesnt matter with whom be, the important thing is to have a good time in the sexual relations , then he got a condom and water lubricant,  he put the condom on his /hard/hard-cock/hard-black-cock/">hard black cock and xxx sex video download free com he rubbed on his cock and in my asshole, he started to penetrate me, very slowly at first and then a little bit fast he put me in several positions, the last position was as a dog, while he was fucking me he smacking my bottoms.

He asked me if I liked his cock, I told him is very rich he last a long fucking me, when he was coming he pull his cock out, he took off the con don and he still off his cock, then he came, he throw up at lot of milk above my buttocks , then he gave me his cock with semen and I sucked,  I really liked that sexual relationship, I loved that black cock, Im going back to that bar again, sincerely yomin new york