my first time with her

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
my first time with her

This is my /first-time/">first time writing.. sorry if it sucks :P

So when I was 18, I /hung/">hung out with alot of girls that were more bi-sexual and into sexual stuff than me. I mean don't get me wrong, I masturebated everyday. but never really acted upon it. I spent the night at one of the girls houses and it was me, her, & two other girls who were bi. one of them was fucking goregous. thin, /boobs/huge-boobs/">huge boobs, long black hair, brown eyes, tan, a little /indian/">indian.

just goregous. and she was feeling me. but I was straight. well I was in denial. we went skinny dipping that night and she kissed me but I didn't think anything of it. we slept in the same bed after words and she kept going under my shirt bokep sma pecah perawan to feel my 38c breasts and I loved it but pretended it was a joke. anyways we lost touch after that untill about 4 months later she texted me out of the blue. we were chit chatting and as the days passed, our talks got more sexual. and she confessed how she wished I was bi. and I confessed how ever since that night ive SECERTLY fantasized about doing her. so we agreed to try it.

 I went to her house and we just hungout as friends but I was getting more and more anixous. she excused ehrself to the bathroom and came back wearing nothing but a short white cotton robe.she crawled on the bed ontop of me and kissed me gently on the collar bone and whispered its time. I was practically shaking. we made out for a while then I had enough guts to take off her robe. instantly she stripped me down, turned off the lights and got under the covers. she worked old waman xxxgx her way down slowly kissed my neck to chest. she spent alot of time at my tits. first gently kissing the nipples and swirling her tongue around them. but the sucking felt amazing. she would suck softly but flick her tongue over my nipple at the same time. when I couldnt take it anymore she went down and kissed from my knee to inner thigh to just around my pussy. I wanted her sooo fucking /bad/">bad.

she kissed my pussy lips gently and darted her tongue in once as a tease. then she let me have it. she pointed her tongue and licked straight up and down slowly but when she hit my clit shed flick her tongue really fast. as we went on she got faster and faster. my legs automatically wrapped around her head and she went all out. just as I was about to orgasm she mounted me, so our pussys were just about touching. and grinding them together. our juices following together was just intense.

 I came like 7 times that night. ever sicne then, we have sleepovers twice a month <3