A real love story

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A real love story

"Come on Tonya",Mickie shouted from outside her apartment door,"we have to get a move on".
Tonya grabbed her large overnight duffle bag and headed down the stairs
and out the door where Mickie was waiting in her black Pathfinder.
As she put in her bag she could see the tent and coolers set up in the back of the truck.
They were going to the annual Womyns festival being held about 600 miles away from where they lived.
"Hi Mickie",said Tonya as she climbed into the truck.
"Hey girl,whats up?,said Mickie."I certainly hope you have everything you need in your bag,because we wont have time to turn back around."
"Yes,i do,said Tonya,stop being such a worry wart,she said smiling".

Now they had decided to go to the festival together,but they werent lovers or dating or anything.
There was a huge attraction between them,
and some sexual tension but they thought they were better off just being friends,
Basically because both were too shy and stubborn to make any advancements toward the other.
Mickie was sort of the studdish type but still looked every bit a woman,
She had cocoa brown skin,jet black curly hair (just the kind for rubbing your fingers through).She had very sensuous lips,just right for kissing and big brown eyes that you could stare into for hours.
And Tonya was deeply infatuated with her.
Tonya was a stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv little darker and more average looking but secretly Mickie thought she was a living doll.

Making small talk along the way,Mickie and Tonya kept taking turns driving down the thruway.
They hoped to get to the park where the festival was being held and set up their tent for the night.
There would be alot of /women/">women there so they werent worried about any danger.
All of a sudden it began to rain,which wasnt a problem at first but traveling across a bridge and having water close nearby it began to pour very hard.
Being that they were both tired from driving such a long way.
Mickie decided to pull into the little Bed and Breakfast they came to about another mile up the road.
Grabbing their overnight bags they got out of the truck and went inside.
Being that they were such good friends in spite of all the heavy sexual attention,they decided it would be best to just share a room for the night.
Although they both were nervous as hell,they decided to make the best of it.
Doing every thing they could to not even bump into each other as they walked to their room.

Well Tonya decided she was gonna keep her clothes on and sleep on top of the covers
.But Mickie had a different idea.
She laid down her bag and pulled out a t-shirt and some shorts."You want to shower first or me",she asked Tonya.
Tonya said,"you go on ahead,I can wait".
She figured by the time she got done taking hers,Mickie would be fast asleep.
She turned on the tv and waited patiently.

After about ten minutes Mickie walked out smelling like strawberry bubble bath,and looking sexy as hell.
And as Tonya looked up she could see Mickies two dark nipples pressed up against her t-shirt.
As she wiped the drool off her mouth,she asked stuttering,"um how how is the um water?" Mickie said,"Its nice and hot,go on in".
And she stood there and watched tonya as she went inside.
Tonya decided to take a bath because it would take longer.She could hear the tv and Mickies humming coming from the next room.
When she coudnt hear the humming anymore,she walked into the darkened room,wearing her favorite granny gown.
All she could see ,was the lights from the tv flicking and the tv had the sound turned down.
All of a sudden she heard "hey u,I thought youd never come out of there".
Mickie sat on the edge of the bed smling and looking sexy.
"They brought us some fruit,and I fixed us two glasses of cold water",she said."And I really like your nightgown,"she said laughing.
Tonya said,"well my body was really worn out so I decided to soak for a little while".Mickie said,"thats okay,i wasnt timing you or anything.
"Can you put some lotion on my back for me?"
"I would certainly appreciate it".Tonya said,"okay".
She thought to herself I should be able to handle that.

Lifting up her granny gown,Tonya climbed on the bed and took the strawberry scented lotion bottle from Mickie.
She sat there for a minute just staring over Mickies back.She could see her breasts from where she sat.
Tonya could hardly breathe.Mickie said"hey is everything okay back there?"Tonya said,"yeh,just hold your horses".
She rubbed the lotion between her hands to warm it up,and started rubbing it on Mickies back.
Mickie reached out for some of the fruit,and began to eat."Hey dont eat it all",Tonya teased her."I want some too."
Here try some of these grapes,theyre really /sweet/">sweet",said Mickie.
"My hands are covered with lotion,"replied Tonya.,br>Well lean over a little and ill feed some to you".
Tonya tried her best to lean over.The next thing they knew they were both falling onto the carpeted rug.
"Are you alright?",asked Mickie as she stared into Tonyas eyes.
"Yes,I hurt my pride more than anything",replied Tonya.
As they lay on the floor looking deeply into each others eyes,they knew what was about to happen and yet they both were powerless to stop it.

They both became silent,then they both leaned closer and their lips met.
Their kiss was full of passion and longing.
Mickie then slid her tongue deeply into Tonyas mouth.
Tonyas mouth had become dry,but Mickies was hot,wet and juicy.
She began to explore Tonyas mouth,sucking on Tonyas tongue and driving her mad with pleasure.
Tonya held Mickies head between her hands and begin to kiss Mickies bottom lip.She alternated between kissing,and nibbling on it.
Mickie then started kissing Tonya on her throat and in between her breasts.
Just as Tonya began to moan,Mickie began to suck on her earlobes.
She gently pulled the granny gown completely over Tonyas head and pushed her gently back on the carpet.
She reached over and grabbed one of the glasses of cold water.
She then took a slip,and then gave Tonya some.

Then she began to passionately kiss Tonya all over again.
This time her lips were juicy but cool from the water.
She dragged her tongue down in between Tonyas breasts.
Then pushing Tonyas breasts together,she began to go back and forth sucking and licking deeply on Tonyas nipples.
All Tonya could stand to do was lay there and moan.Mickie began to drag her by now hot tongue down Tonyas belly.
Stopping to stuff her tongue into her belly button,where she placed another kiss.
Next Mickie moved lower.Tonya by now could feel all her juices flowing like a river.
Mickie stopped just where the edge of the belly meets the groin area.
She placed sweet kisses back and forth across it,the whole time looking into Tonyas dark brown eyes.

She then laid down between Tonyas thighs and opened her legs as wide as she could,placing each leg over one of her shoulders.
She looked at Tonyas /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy as she took her two index fingers and held open the vaginal lips.
Mickie began sliding her thick,hot tongue,up and down between Tonyas legs.
She would alternate between licking in between and sucking on Tonyas swollen clit.
The next thing Tonja knew,Mickie shoved her tongue deep inside Tonyas /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy hole.
All Tonya could do is moan and say "yes,yes,please Mickie,eat my pussy baby.Mickie started tongue fucking her then.
She couldnt believe how much juice Tonya had inside.
Then Mickie took her left index finger,and while still tongue fucking her deeply.
She began to slide some of Tonyas juices,down toward her /asshole/">asshole.Then taking the same finger she started rubbing it across the entrance to the hole.
When Tonyas behind opened up for her,Mickie shoved her finger in all the way and began fucking Tonyas asshole,
at the same time she began to suck deeper into Tonyas pussy.
Tonya couldnt take it anymore,she grabbed hold of Mickies head and shoved her face deep into her cumming pussy.
Mickie could feel Tonjas vaginal muscles on her tongue squeezing out its juices as ahe sucked and licked the pussy juice out of her.

As Tonya lay there trying to catch her breath.
Mickie began to place kisses on Tonyas body as she traveled back up towards her mouth.
When she reached Tonyas mouth again,they began to kiss very deeply.
Tonya could taste her own pussy on Mickies lips.
Tonya reached down and pulled Mickies t-shirt over her head.
She then took both of Mickies breasts in her hands and began to lick and suck on the /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples that were right before her eyes.
Then she rolled them over so that Mickie now lay on her back.
Tonya reached for the basket of fruit.She took a few strawberries and a banana.
After peeling the banana,she began to rub the fruit all over Mickies hot,sexy,body.
She then started with Mickies mouth. She began to lick all the fruit from her body.
She slid her hot tongue across Mickies throat,then back down to her luscious nipples.
She began sucking tthe fruit off of the beautiful hardened nipples.
Next she slid her tongue across Mickies belly.licking every spot whee she saw she had spread some fruit.
She licked on the in side of Mickies hot thighs.
Mickie began moaning louder and louder.
Tonya then spread Mickies legs open.And started sucking and licking her very recently trimmed bush area.
Then she put her hands on Mickies thighs to hold them open and began licking up and down across her swollen /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy.She would stop licking every now and then and suck on Mickies clit.
Mickie was going out of her mind with desire.
Tonya could tell Mickie was nearing her orgasm as she starting moaning,yes,Tonya eat my pussy.
"please Im gonna cum".Tonya grabbed Mickies leggs and shoved them as far back as she could.She could now lick much deeper
Mickies ass was now off the ground as Tonya slid and wiggled her tongue across Mickies pussy.
Mickie now began to cum,and all Tonya could do was to hold on,as Mickies whole body began to shake.
She sucked Mickies swollen clit into her mouth and licked the tip of it,which drove Mickie /crazy/">crazy with pleasure.

After Tonya let Mickie catch her breath for a moment.
She got up and laid at the other end of Mickies /feet/">feet.
She reached over and began to rub Mickies clit with her finger,and her own with her other hand.
Then she used two fingers to hold Mickies dripping pussy open and intersected two legs together.
She pulled Mickie toward her until their clits laid perfectly against each others.
They then began to move together,rubbing their swollen clits and their soaken hot pussies against the others.
They then wrapped their arms around each other as they began to kiss passionately again.
The only sounds in the room were the sounds of squishing wet pussies,and their load moans which they fed to each others mouths.
All of a sudden they began to speed up their movements,and they started cumming together.
Their pussy juice began to pour into each others wide open pussies.

They sat there a moment holding each other in their arms.Finally deciding to get up on their wobbly legs.
They both were kinda in a state of shock,at what had just happened.Mickie spoke first,"I think i need another shower."Tonya replied,"I think we both do".They walked into the shower hand and hand.
That night they laid naked in the bed,sleeping curled up one behnd the other.

The next morning after straightening up the room,they headed downstairs to check out.
The lady at the desk asked if they were going to the festival.Afer they told her "yes",she told them after the rain last night they said on the news,that the concert had been cancelled ,and that refunds would be given,because the fields had flooded virtually overnight.
Mickie looked at Tonya.Tonya looked back at Mickie.Mickie white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie asked the woman would their room be available for the whole weekend.After telling them yes,
they raced back up the stairs to see who would take her shower first,so that they could flood their own field.