Crimson Kiss

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Crimson Kiss

A small red headed woman stood in the back of the church and sent of book hymns flying towards the casket that lay covered with roses underneath the altar at the front of the church. The book hit the casket, hard, and bounced onto the floor, sliding to a stop at the feet of the man who was currently speaking. He knelt, a grin hidden beneath his veil of blonde hair, and picked the book up, cradling it to his chest. People stared in disbelief at the small woman and a few women cried with renewed tears but the woman paid them no mind, maintaining a cold glare at the blonde man, hands firmly on her hips and lips pursed. Even though she was incredibly red with anger she was still gorgeous...

"I'm sorry ma'am. Is there something you'd like to say?" asked the man with a British accent to die for and flashed her a grin that would melt any girls heart. The woman remained stony faced and narrowed her eyes, her nostrils flared.
"Desmond that was completely uncalled for." she said, viciously.

"But you throwing a holy book in a church at a casket was?" Desmond said, amused. "Angel, love, you can't hide the truth. You were in fact with Arthur the night before he was found dead, yeah?"
Angel pushed her fire red hair over her shoulder, scowling and at a loss for words. She was a fiery red head with a temper to match and keeping her cool was beginning to become a struggle. Keeping your temper around Desmond was a struggle for anyone who happened to be the unfortunate victim of his ridicule. Today was especially worse because she hadn't fed for a while and her body was calling out for blood so restraining herself from attacking him was increasingly difficult.
"I really don't think that's an appropriate subject to talk about, Desmond." Angel said, trying to calm down and failing miserably.
Desmond grinned a mile wide, clearly enjoying this.

"That's a yes! We're all adults here and we're well aware that you were doing more than making chit chat."
"Desmond. That's enough. You're being foolish."

Desmond shifted his eyes to the man that sat next to Angel, his grin faltering slightly. The voice had a thick Australian accent and was so demanding a few people turned away. The man had layered black, brown, and blonde hair that fell to the middle of his back and he wore a grey Armani suit. He looked to be about 20 but his intense blue eyes showed that of a man who's lived for centuries. His arm rested on the back of the pew and his ankle propped up onto his knee..
"Well hello there Krystian. Decided to join in our friendly exchange of words?" Desmond said, clearly taunting him. Krystian ignored this.
"You obviously didn't see Arthur's widow in the third row with the green dress on. Otherwise you wouldn't have outed his affair in such an arrogant manner." he said, motioning to her.

Desmond scanned the row and his eyes came to rest on a heavy set woman with rosy, tear streaked cheeks and blood shot eyes. She blew into a handkerchief that she pulled out of a very gaudy handbag. Desmond made a face and recoiled slightly.
"Didn't know Arthur had a fetish for fat chicks. You can never tell just by looking at someone what they're into. Feet, piss, vomit....fat chicks. What a weird world we live in, yeah." Desmond said, almost intuitively.. So many people gasped it sounded as if a strong wind was blowing inside the walls of the church. The widow broke into tears and Desmond studied her. Krystian stood, breathing deeply and motioned for Angel to leave the pew. She obliged and he stood, staring down Desmond.

"That's our cue to leave. We've clearly over stayed our welcome. Desmond?" He motioned for Desmond to follow and without waiting for Desmond's reaction, began to walk out of the pew following Angel.
"You know if you look at the widow just right she looks like a tree frog. You know with the green dress and the red cheeks. She just looks colorful. Like a frog." Desmond said and blowjob porn videos several men stood and began to advance on him, fists clenched.
"No need for violence gentlemen. We were just leaving." Krystian's voice rang loudly in the church, stopping the men in their tracks. He stood in the doorway holding the door open, eyebrows raised and his lips pursed.
"Krys-" Desmond started.
"Now Desmond...." Krystian said, a threat evident in his voice.

Desmond rolled his eyes and stepped down from the altar. He walked dramatically down the aisle, taking his time just to make Krystian wait. Krystian murmured something in his ear as Desmond passed by that sent a shiver down his spine. It was meant to be private but Angel's small giggle let Desmond know she heard.
"Think that's funny, love? It's funny he turned up dead after fucking you. Are you that bad? Or do women get you off?" Desmond spat at her.
Angel rolled her eyes and muttered, "Asshole."

"Lesbian.." Desmond retorted and Angel started towards him, prepared to fight. Though she was a good 2 feet shorter than him and much smaller, they were equal in strength.
"Angel, enough." Krystian said, smoothing his suit out, looking up into the cloudy sky. It was cold night and when Angel started shivering Krystian put it off to the weather. Angel stopped causing Desmond to laugh. He wiggled his tongue between to of his fingers and Angel silently fumed but she didn't take a step closer. If looks could kill Angel's liquid gold eyes would've maimed Desmond on the spot. Desmond just smiled and blew her a kiss, laughing.
"You find this funny, Desmond?" Krystian asked, a calm anger palpable in his voice. All traces of humor and playfulness left Desmonds face and was replaced by a mix between fear and shame.. Shrugging a shoulder, Desmond looked off into the sky, shoving his hands into his pockets, making a noticeable effort to look anywhere but at Krystian.

"Are you trying to draw attention to Angel? To us?" Krystian pressed, his voice rising an octave but his face was relaxed.
"No." Desmond muttered and shuffled his feet much like a small child getting scolded.
"Then explain milf porn videos what that was in there!" Krystian's sudden outburst made Desmond jump and Angel turn away. "Desmond you know damn well the last thing we need is the fucking police inspecting us!" Krystian continued yelling and Desmond turned his face away. When he failed to answer right away Krystian stepped forward, his voice taking on a soft, murderous tone.
"Desmond. Answer me.."
Desmond flinched but said nothing.
"Unless you've forgotten we're not human. So unless you've got some brilliant story to tell the cops what the refrigerator is doing filled to the brim with blood and why our basement is home to locked up /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women with a serious blood deficiency, you better tell me what the fuck you were thinking when you decided to point out that one of us was with a murder victim the night before he was found." Krystian said, struggling to control his voice and temper.

"I was just having a spot of fun.." Desmond muttered, timidly and got absolute silence in reply. Krystian was so quiet he looked up to make sure he was still there. Big mistake. Krystian was on him in a second. All the breath left Desmond's lungs as he was slammed against the church wall with Krystian holding him there, fists clenched. Krystian's fists bore down on Desmond over and over again all the while Krystian screaming in Desmonds face..
"You think everything is a goddamn game! Maybe if you get discovered again it'll get through your thick fucking skull that humans are not so fucking accepting of vampires! IF it weren't for me rescuing your dumbass on the street you would be dead of starvation! You need to under-fucking-stand that if this shit keeps happening the way it does that I.WILL. KILL. YOU. Do you hear me, Desmond? KILL." Desmond slid to the ground, spitting and coughing up blood. Krystian wiped his bloody hands onto Desmond's cashmere sweater ,breathing heavily.
"Next time watch what and where you say things." Krystian said, coolly.

Desmond looked up from the ground, shooting Krystian a dirty look and stood slowly. He managed to steady himself on the wall and locked eyes with his attacker. Krystian met his eyes and smoothly said, "Angel, call Li-Mei. We need a ride home." Angel, her back still turned to the two, nodded and got out her cell phone, walking away from the men and seated herself on bench by the street, still shivering uncontrollably. The two men stared at each other for a minute or two longer until Krystian sighed and turned, walking towards Angel. She was off the phone and hugging herself to keep warm.. Krystian slid his jacket off and slipped it around her shoulders. Angel looked up, smiling weakly at him, and softly slid back out. She answered his confused look with 2 words he understood all too well.
"I'm thirsty."
Krystian nodded and sat next to her, draping his arm around her shoulders and offering his wrist to her. Angel politely denied him but she seemed hesitant.

"I can wait until we get home." she said, trying to sound strong and failing. Angel was too proud of a person to allow herself to show weakness so Krystian simply nodded and pulled her closer to fully embrace her. She gasped softly and began to breathe quicker causing him to pull back.
"Too close?" he asked, concerned. Angel could only nod once in response and Krystian let go of her, keeping his arm around her shoulders. Angel tried a few times to politely shrug it off but Krystian wasn't having it.
"Can you please move your arm?" Angel said, finally speaking up. Krystian answered with a prompt "No." and that was the end of that discussion. Angel may have been proud but he was stubborn beyond belief so she caved and let his arm be. A blood stained Desmond flopped down onto the other end of the bench, dabbing at his nose with his sleeve and still sniffling, trying not to bleed everywhere and failing. The three sat in silence and mild tension, on Desmonds account of burning holes in the back of Krystian’s head with a nasty glare, and waited until a black Camaro pulled up in front of them. An Asian woman with pin straight jet black hair that caressed her shoulders stepped out of the drivers side.. She wore jeans, a sweater much like Desmonds minus the blood, and sneakers. Even clad in this she was a beautiful sight to behold.
"Good evening, Li-Mei.." Krystian greeted her and she nodded in return..
"Krystian. Angeline. Desmond." she said, looking at each in turn, her eyes lingering on Krystian’s blood spotted suit and red tinged hands and Desmonds bloody nose and mouth. His left eye was already beginning to show the early stages of a black eye. Tomorrow that baby was going to shine.