Ladies Imagine This

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Ladies Imagine This

It was a lovely summer night as we stood on the deck, after returning home from an evening out for dinner and dancing. I commented on how lovely you looked under the moonlit sky as I leaned forward to gently kiss your soft lips. We grasped each other in a passionate embrace and began to explore each others bodies through our clothing.

Unable to resist the urge any longer, I slowly lifted your shirt over your head and kiss your Brest, working my way down to your navel and real forced anal against her will circling it with the tip of my tongue. Unzipping your jeans, sliding my hands inside as I work them to the floor. My tongue never leaving your body.

Taking my fingertips and tracing the out side of your , to loosen it and make it drop to your . Kisses on your thighs, my hands grasping your ass. I work my way to your clit, feel my warm breath as I exhale at the beauty in front of me. The tip of my tongue gently grazing your clit, slightly, before taking it in my mouth. Slowly I start to lick it, suck it. Still not touching that sweet cherry spot, ready for some attention. From your clit I lick, with one long stroke, down into your with the tip of my tongue, circling it. I let me tongue, just the tip, slide in parting you ever so gently, stopping at your most sensitive spot.

You know where it is. I again go back and cover the clit and suck gently, slowly. I suck a little harder, then back off, but never releasing it, giving it a few quick licks. I go back to sucking it again and backing off again, with it still in my warm, moist, mouth. I then slide down and slide my tongue all the way in your waiting . As the pace gets faster and faster I feel your hips moving to my rhythm. My hand grasping your ass until I feel it tighten. My other hand grasping your Brest, I squeeze it as I drink your sweet essence in my mouth, as I swallow your sweet juices I feel you filling up. I am ready to taste your sweet creamy nectar.

The rhythm of my licking and sucking and my hand massaging your Brest, the tension builds, you grab my head with both your hands as you explode. I swallow every drop but I still won't let you go. I slide my tongue all the way in and gently, ever so gently I continue to suck and lick and taste you. Until you are spent and softly exhaling. You then rolled me onto my back slid between my legs. I watched as you started tracing the veins massaging them with the tip of your tongue, along my shaft, cupping my balls with your hands, squeezing them softly. You could hear my moans. AAAWWWWW YEAHHH. This made you want it even more. You took my dick in your mouth; you took it down mid way, wrapping your hands around what you couldn't get in your mouth. Your mouth going up and down on it, I grabbed the back of your head and started thrusting my rock in deeper. With every thrust it went in further and further inside your mouth until I was touching my tonsils. Take all of this monster you heard me say and damn if you xnxxv sunny leone video weren't going to try.

My rhythm started to get faster; you knew I was about to cum. My dick started twitching and you knew you were getting ready to get my life giving fluids, and you speeded up as I exploded and you stopped moving with all me in your mouth and I could feel your throat muscles milking me, and finally you pulled your mouth up halfway and finished milking me to the last drop. Afterwards you began to slowly suck me until I was hard again. I then turn you over onto your back once again, and began to climb slowly upward kissing your Brest. You grabbed me by my hips and pulled me closer to you until the head of my erect penis is pressing against the soft lips of your hot and waiting pussy. With a slow and gentile pressure I slowly penetrate you. As you let out a moan from the joy of having me fill you up inside.

We begin to kiss passionately and embrace each other in love not out of lust! Giving each other such intense pleasure almost as if nature intended us to be together. A perfect union of two individuals, so in love with each other that nothing else matters. The absolute excitement of making love to you has me never wanting it to end. Your touch sends waves of passion through me like no one ever has before you! I'm completely yours to do with as you please! As we reach our together the sounds we make are like something wild and free never knowing captivity. We lay locked in an embrace of pure satisfaction, you gently caress me and tell me that you have never loved anyone as you love me. I turn and say I'm yours forever as we lay in a warm and loving embrace...