Perverted old man worked his way into wifes panties

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Perverted old man worked his way into wifes panties

My wife and I like to entertain so I can watch her with other men. We entertained just once and it was a blast. My wife is a striking gorgeous platinum blonde and is an absolute fitness fanatic. Until me (regular guy) she always dated the 'ken doll' types. She is very confident. The one other time I watched her, it was with a pretty boy type guy who was hollow with zero personality. This is a true story and I apologize up front because of its length.

I always had this weird /fantasy/">fantasy of seeing her with an older man, something different, something she never had or would even consider. Without her knowing, I decided to chat with guys online. My plan was to have someone stop over as an old friend and flirt with her. I found this one guy. We chatted for about two months and I felt like I knew him the best of all potential guys. I agreed to meet him in a bar. He was more than excited to help with my plan! He couldn't wait!

When he arrived he didn't really look like the pictures we exchanged. He was slightly overweight, balding, and seemed to have more than average body hair. He was also much shorter than her which is one of her biggest hang-ups. My wife is 5'8" without heels and this old timer looked about 5'4", I also found out he was 31 years her senior. (he 64 years old. My wife is 33). Based on his pictures I figured he was late forties or early fifties tops.

I knew in a second there's not a snowballs chance in hell she would be into him. I should have cancelled right there but I didn't

The whole time I was chatting with him, I kept visualizing him with my wife. How would he approach her, his technique, his hands on her were some things that made me wonder. I also thought of my fantasy. In fantasies everything goes perfect. In /reality/">reality, things could go very /bad/">bad and this guy was certainly not her type but that's what intrigued me. If my wife passed him in a grocery store she would never give him a second look. The thought of him having her was such a turn-on to me.

At this point, I wanted to see this play out in the worst way. He was so into trying this it was /crazy/">crazy! He even told me he jerked himself to some of the pictures I sent to him. As we sat and drank, he seemed to be more and more of an old pervert and I was liking it. I decided to give him some tips. I mentioned some of her interests, hobbies and work. I encouraged him to be really aggressive but not pushy. Finally, because of his age, I would introduce him as my old neighbor.

It was on for the following Saturday! I made plans for a late lunch at a trendy bar. He was going to randomly show up.

Saturday finally came. My wife looked hot in a short skirt, stockings and lacy top. He just needed to arrive.

He showed up and I made the introductions. My plan was at least being attempted! We chatted and he even had her laughing at times. He would often make cheesy comments like "your wife is so hot and attractive", "best legs I have seen ever" and "I'm the luckiest guy" blah blah blah.

I kept whispering to her that he found her attractive but she just seemed to keep to herself.

Every time I noticed this guy, he was checking out her legs, cleavage and doing anything he could to look up her short skirt. There was still no shortage of slightly perverted comments in an attempt to woo her.

He would even free porn movies download try to politely brush up against her and put his arm around her. She shrugged it off very well and playfully kept her distance. She would look at me as to bail her out but I didn't.

I invited him back to the house for a few brews (wife does not drink) so I had to try /hard/real-hard/">real hard to keep her nearby. I suggested billiards so we all /hung/">hung out in our game room. I would often kiss her and he always tried to swoop in and brush himself against her. She prudishly pulled away and this happened for a few times. The old man was coming on a little stronger now and his comments more perverted.

I figured I had to do something. She was so shy and seemed to have had enough and wanted to leave us. Our guest went to use the restroom. When I heard the toilet flush I started making out with her very hard, deep kissing and holding her tightly. He arrived back and swooped in as usual rubbing her back and telling us what a nice couple we are.

She finally caved and gave him some leeway with his wandering hand as she was probably tired of dodging it every time we kissed. It looked like he had gotten his hand on her waist moving toward her thigh and squeezing. I absolutely couldn't believe the balls this guy had!

I don't know exactly what he was doing but I think it was turning her on? In a quick and embarrassing moment, she let out a small whimper that I could tell she tried very hard to hold in. She instantly looked at me to see my reaction. I just smiled and gave the 'it's cool' look.

Was she frustrated? Or was it him causing this? I told her to relax. All of a sudden she is wincing like she bit into something sour and biting her bottom lip as she could no longer kiss! This guy was working her and she wanted to moan!!! I looked to her side and this short mans hand was completely under her skirt! More importantly, she ceased stopping him!

Then in a very bold move, he gets on his knees behind her! She asked "uh what are you doing?" and he responds..."exploring". I kissed her again so she couldn't talk. I moved my kissing and nibbling to her neck so I could watch him behind her. He kissed gently from the back of her knee to her inner thigh back and forth for a few minutes. She looked so confused, slightly trembling as to not believe how this man proceeded as he did. I told her to relax again in a playful tone.

He worked his face up to her ass and was admiring it. It looked like he was nose fucking her taking in her essence. "Lean over" he says, wanting to get her in a better position to remove her panties. "Honey, what do you think?" she asks very nervously with her voice cracking. "Its fine" I reply.

I think this is where I went wrong. She wanted to be saved and I didn't. I even helped this old man by taking her hand and heading to a nearby couch. She didn't want to sit so I started to rub her shoulders from behind. At this point, this guy was stopping at nothing to get her panties off.

On his knees in front of her, his face is back in her crotch. He pulls her from me and sits her down on the couch. Within seconds he pulled her panties off and had his mouth on her. After a few minutes between her she started screaming like I have never heard a lady scream in all my days!....she even screamed the f'word and my wife doesn't swear! he had her wiggling and grabbing his bald head in a frenzy! She came so hard her feet and shoulders lay flat while her ass was about three feet off the couch! He spent almost a half hour eating her!

He then stood up and began to take off his clothes. He stripped himself down to a tiger print spandex type speedo underwear! This is true and I thought I may burst laughing! I was so in the moment I couldn't be distracted!

The old man was big, with the biggest cock I have ever seen! My wife started looking at his body with confusion (he was hairy but now it showed) but she saw his package and he told her to hold it.

After a few minutes of her playing with it he asks her if she likes it. She shyly looked down. "Take them off" he says, my wife pulled down his banana hammock and he stepped out of them, his mammoth cock dangling inches from her face. He lays her on the floor (couch seemed to be getting uncomfortable at this point) kneels behind her head and puts himself in her mouth!

For a few moments, he runs his hands from her neck to her breast then making his way back down to her kitty! OMG! 69 with this short man on top of my wife! It was a major turn on watching her shake with no where to go being pinned down with a giant piece in her mouth.

He gets up straddling her head and pinching her titties. He told her to lick his balls! She didn't until I told her to go ahead. This old bastard started shooting me an evil grin as if he was proud of himself. Making weird grunting noises, he kept asking "are ya ready baby? Huh, are ya gorgeous?" She signaled yes not knowing anything but hoping it meant getting his balls off her.

He spread his ass cheeks and sat on my pretty wife's face! I got behind them for a better view and noticed initially her nose was right on his asshole. Holy shit! My dick so hard, I thought it would break off! His /hairy/hairy-ass/big-hairy-ass/">big hairy ass in a slow humping motion. "I'm not getting off until you start licking baby" full hd xvideo download he commands as he starts stroking his /cock/big-cock/">big cock. With her hands on his /hairy/hairy-ass/">hairy ass cheeks, she tried to turn her head but couldn't. He lowered himself more and she had to lick his ass! The old man stood his ground and jerked himself until he was ready.

He finally climbs off and mounts her! He was so big all I saw was the bare heels of my petite wife. She screamed so loud while he was pumping her I thought the cops were coming. Then the unthinkable, this short old man passionately deep kissed my wife while slamming her and she didn't stop him. He finally rolled off of her as if they were done. She was totally worked over.

She was quiet and puzzled . She stood up and quickly headed toward the couch for her clothes. The old guy made it to his knees and knee-walked after her until he was behind her facing her ass. She did not know he was there. In a rush, she fluffed her hair and fixed up her lingerie as if in a panic to leave. The moment she bent over to grab her blouse, this old timer spread her cheeks and had his face completely buried in her ass working her over again! She was caught off guard but she came...again

Its been like two months now and every other day in passing she'll ask things like "do you still talk to him?" "whats he been up to?", The fact is, this guy writes almost everyday wanting another piece obviously. Her contradictory behavior has me so confused. She will not talk to me about what happened. Based on some of the outrageous kinky stuff this man emails, I am seriously considering inviting him over again. Without her knowing of course.